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Wood & Multi-Fuel Stove kW Calculator

Our Wood & Multi-Fuel Stove kW Calculator will give you an estimated guide to the heat output in kW needed for a solid fuel stove for any given room in your home to achieve a comfortable of a temperature of approximately 21 – 22o Celsius (based on 0 o outside temperature).

The guide gives an average kW requirement, older properties and newer properties will have different requirements based on the level of home insulation with newer properties tending to have greater insulation. As a general rule, 1kW of heat is required for every 14 cubic meters (494 cubic feet) of room space if the room has average insulation values.

For solid fuel stoves, you should aim to purchase a stove which has an output of 2 – 3 kW higher (on average) than the room size requires as solid fuel does not provide maximum heat output continuously compared to other forms of heating.

For customers utilizing our installation service, we will always measure your room and take into account the degree of insulation/ventilation, the age of the property, number and size of windows/doors etc.

As a rough guide, measure the Height, Length, and Width of the room and input them into the calculator below. Then click on whether you measured in feet or meters to get the kW required.