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Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel Stove Installation Cost Estimator
Welcome to our Wood Burning & Multi-Fuel Stove Installation Cost Estimator

Our easy-to-use tool is designed to give you a quick estimate of the costs involved in installing a new stove in your home. This will help you plan and budget for your project with confidence.

For a wide selection of available log burning and multi-fuel stoves, take a look at our Wood & Multi-Fuel Stove Brochures page. Additionally, if you’re curious about the variation in pricing from different companies, visit our Quotation Prices Explained page for useful insights.

Our cost estimator showcases a range of solid fuel stoves from trusted manufacturers, along with the necessary additional options to create a beautiful and warm focal feature for your home

We are experienced in installing solid fuel stoves from all manufacturers, and this calculator provides just a small sample of the available log burner & multi-fuel stoves available.

If you are satisfied with the estimated results for installation, we would be delighted to schedule a visit to assess your property and offer you a precise quotation.

Simply choose the options you need from below, and we’ll display the total estimated cost for you.

The prices listed on this page are for illustration purposes only. This tool is designed to calculate costs under straightforward circumstances without complications. The calculations are based on the installation of a stove by Minster Stoves & Heating into either a pre-prepared fireplace opening or a fireplace opening that they prepare. All prices provided are subject to the current rate of VAT a survey of your property will be required for a fixed price quotation. The prices used in this estimator are current as of December 2023

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