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Which Chimney/Flue Type Do I Have?

suitable for the chimney/flue at your property

Choosing the right gas fire for your home

When choosing a gas fire for your house, you must not only consider which gas fire you prefer the look of, but you must also decide whether it is suited for the chimney/flue at your property.

The type of chimney or flue in your home may influence your choice of fire. If you are unsure, examine your roof and compare it to the guide below.

Don’t be concerned if you lack a fixed flue. If a gas fire is not acceptable, a variety of electric fires, as well as Powerflue or Balanced Flue gas fires, are available.

We offer a Free No Obligation and will go through all of your options including checking the chimney or flues suitability.

Types of Chimney or Flue:
Conventional Brick Chimney

A Conventional Brick Chimney – is recognisable by a chimney stack with a terracotta pot or gas terminal. This is a “Class 1” chimney.

As these chimneys are deep you can choose from a full depth fire to shallow slimline products.

Pre-Fabricated Flue

A Pre-Fabricated – is an interlocking flue tube system, identifiable by a metal flue and terminal on the roof, and a metal flue box behind the fire.  This is a “Class 2” chimney.

Prefabricated flues offer a good depth so you can also choose from the majority of full depth fires and all slimline fires. Pre-fabricated flues are found in newer houses and have a steel flue built in, a metal flue and terminal can be seen on the roof.

A Pre-Cast Flue – is identified by a ridge vent or metal flue tube and terminal on the roof. Constructed from concrete or clay blocks, they form a rectangular flue. All fires featuring this icon are only suitable for pre-cast flues conforming to BS EN 1858.

Pre-cast flues are found in most modern homes and are suitable for a wide range of slimline gas fires.

A Balanced Flue – is a flue where the fire vents directly outside through a horizontal co-axial pipe (one pipe within a larger pipe). The outer pipe draws air in from the outside and the inner pipe expels combustion gases.

A balanced flue gas fire is a glass fronted gas appliance which vents directly through an outside wall. Used where there is no chimney or flue available. No mains electricity required.


A Powerflue system, which is one of the most well-known forms of flue, is a system in which combustion gases are exhausted directly outside the building through the use of an electronic fan mounted on the wall.

No Chimney or Flue – If you don’t have a chimney/flue or don’t want to use a balanced flue or Powerflue product, an electric fire may be your best bet.

Flue information should be used as a guide only. A professional fireplace survey is recommended prior to purchase/installation.

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