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Portway High Efficiency Stoves

High Efficiency Multi-Fuel and Wood Burning Stoves

Portway Stoves are amongst the cleanest, most efficient and most easily controllable stoves available today and are ‘EcoDesign‘ compliant.

Their multifuel stoves have been specifically engineered to be simple in design, easy to use and still produce the lowest levels of carbon monoxide emissions, making them exceptionally clean burning.

Portway stoves use a single pre-heated airwash system to keep the glass window clean. The design is so cleverly simple that there is no need for the second, and in some cases, third airwash system included by other stove manufacturers to provide a clean-burning product.

Portway solid fuel stoves have been approved using the most sophisticated research and test systems in the industry and their design success can be merited to 150 years of experience and a dedicated team of research engineers who are amongst the brightest in the industry.

Each stove is made from 96% easily recyclable material and all cast parts, such as doors and grates, are manufactured from 70% recycled iron.

Portway also offers a ‘Direct Vent Kit’ which will allow you to draw the correct amount of ventilation directly to the stove without the need for any additional draughty and unsightly air bricks.

Minster Stoves, suppliers of Portway Direct Vent Kit
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