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Pevex Woodburning & Multi-Fuel Stoves

Minster Stoves & Heating offer Pevex Multi-Fuel and Woodburning Stoves.

Pevex designs and manufactures wood-burning and solid smokeless fuel stoves in the UK.

The Pevex Stove Collection includes freestanding and inset stoves that are both aesthetically striking and provide excellent heat.

The British-designed collection includes a number of models, whether you’re looking for a classic fireplace or a sleek contemporary fireplace.

This gorgeous collection of stoves has been made not only to look stylish in the home, but also to be high-performing and meet the environmental needs of today and tomorrow.

Most stoves are approved for use in smoke control areas in the UK. Many stoves are approved for use in smoke control areas all over the UK, and the vast majority already meet the Ecodesign regulations for 2022.

The Pevex Collection of stoves features distinct primary and secondary air wash settings to keep the glass window clean, as well as tertiary air to provide clean-burn, high-efficiency performance whether using wood or specified smokeless fuels.

Pevex stoves are designed to work well and come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

Nothing beats a living flame fire for making a room warm and inviting. This is because you can appreciate and enjoy the fascinating dancing flames and great heat that these stoves can provide.

The Deben Stove collection is the newest addition to Pevex’s stove line. Classic steel and cast iron stoves at reasonable prices.

Pevex partners include Denmark’s HETA, France’s Invicta, and Sweden’s Keddy. They complement their UK-made Serenity models and their Bohemia X, Newbourne, and Bucklesham stoves.

Modern and contemporary stoves are manufactured by HETA. In order to keep up with their broad range of Heta stoves, Heta is constantly upgrading and adapting.

HETA remains committed to traditional craftsmanship and professional pride, resulting in creative and highly functional stoves even today.

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All stove images are © Pevex Enterprises Ltd.

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