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Kiln Dried Logs for Firewood

We are stockists of bagged “Certainly Wood” Premium quality Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs, ‘Blaze Away’ Logs, kiln-dried Kindling, and ‘Flamers’ natural firelighters.

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The Benefits Of Kiln Dried Wood As A Fuel For A Wood Burning Stove

Choosing the proper kind of wood is critical for getting the most out of your wood burning stove.

Wood should always be well dried to ensure that the fire burns hot and cleanly. When it comes to seasoning methods, there are basically two options. The simplest and most typical method is conventional seasoning. This simply requires keeping the logs in a clean, dry, temperate, and shaded environment, piling it on elevated foundations, and separating each level.

Seasoning wood enables nature to take its course, and the moisture content of the wood will eventually equalise with that of the surrounding region. Kiln dried wood, on the other hand, is growing increasingly popular and has significant advantages over other types of wood.

Kiln died wood has a low moisture content, any other type of wood is a poor source of energy because it is difficult to light, produces a lot of smoke when burned, and damages chimneys owing to creosote buildup, which increases the danger of chimney fires.

Other benefits of utilising kiln dried logs include the fact that the kilning temperature of 70 degrees centigrade sterilises the logs and eliminates any evidence of wood boring insects, etc. Kiln-dried wood, as opposed to seasoned wood, is dried in a form of oven constructed within a thermally insulated chamber.

The kiln is fired to dry out the moisture in the wood. Because kiln dried wood ages more quickly, the moisture content is dramatically reduced. In extreme situations, kiln drying can reduce moisture content to as low as 8%, resulting in almost no extra smoke from surplus water content.

More Heat When Using Kiln Dried Wood

It makes sense that wood with a higher moisture content struggles to burn efficiently in wood-burning stoves. The stove simply cannot provide the best heat efficiency to reach an ideal operating temperature without well dried wood.

Kiln-dried wood burns at a significantly greater temperature because it is dry. Kiln-dried wood should be used if you want to extend the lifespan of your stove. A higher heat content provides more heat while burning less wood, which results in a warmer living environment in your home.

For wood burning stoves, burn time is always crucial. Less effort will be required to maintain the fire as the wood burns longer and produces more heat. When compared to conventionally seasoned wood, kiln-dried wood has an extraordinarily lengthy burn period.


Kiln dried wood is slightly more expensive, but because of the extended burn periods, you will inevitably require fewer logs, thus it is well worth the investment for the return. You will also benefit from less smoke entering the atmosphere and less tar lining your chimney.

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