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HETAS Registered Stove Installers

HETAS Registered Stove Installers

Minster Stoves & Heating are HETAS registered installers offering competitively priced multi-fuel and wood burning stove installation services in Leominster, Ludlow, Tenbury Wells and the surrounding areas.

HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme) is the only specialist organisation approving biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services. This also includes the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses.

HETAS is the official controlling body for Solid and Multi-Fuel appliances and associated equipment, much like Gas-Safe is for gas appliances and is the national organisation working for consumer safety and the wider public interest in the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible use of biomass and other solid fuels.

Stove Installation Regulations

Appliances must either be installed by a Competent Person (in the case of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves this must be a HETAS registered installer) or the homeowner should seek Building Control approval to ensure compliance with Part J and, potentially, Part L of the Building Regulations. Part J deals with flue heights & sizes, ventilation rates, and other safety issues relating to combustion appliances. Part L addresses the conservation of fuel and power in new & existing buildings where specific alterations are proposed.

Why use a HETAS Installer?
  • Peace of mind: All registered installers are trained and assessed as competent & have to provide proof of Public Liability Insurance to HETAS at each annual renewal of their membership.
  • It validates your household insurance: The information is required to validate household insurance and will be required by Solicitors in any home selling process. Failure to notify the Local Authority (the process differs in Scotland), can be an offence resulting in enforcement action being taken against the Householders and/or the installer, this could cost anything up to £5000. Regulations vary by region, consumers in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man should contact their relevant Local Authority prior to commencing any installation work.
  • It saves you time: HETAS registered installers can self-certificate their work which means that you can avoid the need for time-consuming Building Notice applications to the local authority, its also less hassle
  • It saves you time: HETAS registered installers can self-certificate their work which means that you can avoid the need for time-consuming Building Notice applications to the local authority, it is also less hassle!
  • It is simpler: A Certificate of Compliance will be issued as a record of the job and that it complies with Building Regulations. A copy of the certificate is forwarded to HETAS who notify the local authority on your behalf.
  • It is cheaper: There are no additional fees for the issue of the Certificate of Compliance at the completion of the installation. This saves you costly Building Notice applications to the local authority.
About HETAS Registered Installers

In order to operate safely and efficiently, domestic solid fuel, multi-fuel wood burning and biomass appliances and systems need to be correctly installed and maintained by competent individuals.

Appliances and systems must operate in a safe and energy-efficient manner as described in the various Building Regulations, Approved Documents, Codes of Practices and Standards.

To achieve this objective, HETAS has developed a Registration Scheme that supports installers and businesses involved in this work and helps them to work safely, efficiently and within the various laws that apply to the work involved.

The installer scheme is for Businesses and their competent Engineers or Technicians. Businesses must ensure that any work carried out involving solid fuel, wood, and solid biomass will be undertaken by a Registered Engineer/Technician and that where any ancillary workers or trainees are involved in any associated work, they are properly supervised to maintain safety and standards.

Only a competent and Registered Engineer/Technician can carry out or self-certificate work on the installation that relates to its safe and efficient operation in accordance with relevant regulations and standards.

On completion of the installation work, all Businesses must complete the three-part HETAS Certificate of Compliance relating to the work their registered engineer has undertaken. One copy should be left with the customer, one retained by the installer, and one returned to HETAS for further processing.

Registered Engineers will be issued with a personal Identification Card. The card will indicate which type of activity the individual engineer is registered to undertake and should be available for inspection by the customer.

HETAS provides a number of useful guides, visit our Advice page to find out more.  For details about HETAS please visit their website (Opens in a new browser window).

If you have mislaid your ‘Certificate of Compliance’, HETAS can issue a replacement. Visit the HETAS site to order a copy.
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