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Gas Stove Installation Cost Estimator

Welcome to our gas stove installation cost estimator, this tool will help you get an idea of how much it will cost to install a gas-fired stove into a pre-prepared fireplace opening.

The estimator will present you with a variety of different options needed to create a beautiful and warm focal feature for your home.

The calculator assumes a gas supply is available.

We can supply & install all manufacturers gas stoves, this calculator uses only a small sample of available gas stoves.

If you like the installation and stove estimator results, we’d be happy to pop round, survey your property and confirm a fixed price quotation.

* The fitting cost assumes one day’s labour (two installers) and includes flue pipe to connect stove to the stainless steel liner, MFA, a register plate (seals off the chimney opening on your installation to prevent chimney debris falling into the room), chimney cowl, CO Detector, miscellaneous pipe/fittings as required and Gas-Safe Registration.

Installation and associated fittings and materials used are the standard fittings required to complete the installation. All quotations following a home survey will take into account the properties own individual requirements.

£ + VAT

Any estimate given on this page is for illustrative purposes only. This tool assumes straightforward circumstances without complications. Calculations are based on fitting a stove into a pre-prepared fireplace opening. All prices provided are subject to VAT at the current rate and survey of your property will be required for a fixed price quotation. Prices used in this estimator are current as of July 2021.

Please visit our gas stove brochures page for a guide to models available.