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Gas Safety & Rogue Traders
Gas Safety and Rogue Traders
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In 2018, 129 people were affected by fire, explosions, and other gas-related incidents, resulting in 2 fatalities (Source: HSE Gas Safety Statistics).

Death, Injury & Destruction

Gas Safe estimates that approximately 30 individuals die annually from carbon monoxide poisoning due to improperly installed, maintained, or ventilated gas appliances and flues.

Engaging a Gas Safe registered engineer ensures the safety of your personal environment.

An investigation in 2012 revealed that one in 10 illegal gas installations was deemed immediately perilous, necessitating instant disabling of appliances to prevent harm.

Moreover, over a third of these installations were found to be leaking gas, and nearly half had faults potentially leading to lethal carbon monoxide exposure (Source: Research commissioned by Gas Safe Register).

Vast Numbers of Illegal Traders

A study in 2009 highlighted that around 250,000 gas jobs are performed annually by unqualified traders, with an estimated 7,500 illegal gas fitters contributing to risky actions that endanger lives and properties.

Gas appliance work is intricate, specialized, and potentially hazardous. Only qualified and registered engineers should undertake such tasks.

The Gas Safe Register

“Gas Safe” is the new name for CORGI. Registration with the Gas Safe Register is mandatory for all gas work in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and Guernsey.

To ensure proper registration, individuals need recognized qualifications for the specific areas of gas work they plan to perform.

How to verify your gas engineer’s registration

Every Gas Safe registered engineer holds a photo ID card with a unique license number on the front, and details of their qualified work on the reverse.

Always request to see the engineer’s ID card. Refrain from allowing any gas fitter to work on your gas appliances without inspecting their ID. Additionally, you can verify their details on the Gas Safe website at gassaferegister.co.uk.

Always confirm the card’s validity, as Gas Safe registered engineers are issued a new card every 12 months, ensuring the presented ID card is current.

It is crucial to note that different gas work mandates various qualifications. Being qualified and registered for one type of gas appliance doesn’t automatically qualify an individual to install a different gas-related product.

The permitted work for engineers is listed on the back of their Gas Safe card, so it’s vital to verify this whenever services are rendered.

Uncover Bogus Practices – Is your Gas Engineer hiding under another engineer’s registration?

Another important consideration is the potential for unscrupulous businesses to employ a few registered engineers for authenticity while tasking unqualified staff with gas installations and connections, which they are not legally authorized to carry out.

Therefore, it is imperative to verify the qualifications and registration of the individual actually performing gas work at your property.

Addressing concerns about gas work validity

Regrettably, many people in the UK trust the individuals they hire for boiler, gas fire, stove, or water heater services without adequate scrutiny.

If you suspect unauthorized gas work has been performed, you can request Gas Safe to inspect your appliance. Furthermore, if you are aware of illegal gas work, you can report it directly to the Gas Safe Register through their website at www.gassaferegister.co.uk or by calling 0800 408 5500.

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