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What is a Fireplace Chamber?

What precisely is a fireplace chamber? The chamber is an alcove meant to house an open basket fire (gas or solid fuel) or a wood-burning, multi-fuel or gas stove. It refers to the three walls that surround the fireplace opening – the back and two sides.

The walls of a conventional brick or stone fireplace would be part of the home’s original chimney/fireplace structure. When building an artificial fireplace, we can either line the fireplace internal walls with heat resistant concrete board or go for a more authentic look, which is where a chamber set comes in.

By lining the walls of the fireplace chamber with real brick or slate ‘slips,’(‘slips’ are thin pieces of brick or slate cut to a thickness of roughly 20mm.) These thin, lightweight slices are utilised as tiles to mimic the effect of authentic, exposed brickwork.

We can obtain a traditional look with ‘slips’ without the bulkiness of brickwork, the necessity for major construction work, the mess of construction work or the time element – in fact, most of the annoyances of building a traditional fireplace are nothing more than a bothersome thought!

Each panel is hand made adopting real cut brick and therefore subject to variations in texture, colour and tolerances.

What are the options?

We can supply a variety of Fireplace Chambers, and we have one complete chamber set on display as well as various brick samples at our Showroom.

Panels are designed specifically for fireplace openings and are made up of real cut brick or slate ‘slips’ attached to Class A1 fire resistance rated backing board’. Each panel has been pre-pointed with a cement-based mortar and is ready for installation with your wood-burning stove..

With a thickness of about 30mm-35mm, our panels help fulfil the minimal free space requirements for installing your wood-burning stove in the majority of installations where space is a valuable commodity.

Mortar Colour

While constructing the chamber panels, the craftsman selects a mortar colour that they believe best matches the chosen brick or slate. However, if you wish to choose a certain colour from the available options, please let us know when you place your order.

Although each panel comes pre-pointed we include a bag of matching dry mix mortar for filling or fixing any holes or gaps between adjoining panels.

Edged Side Panels
Side Return Chamber Set Reclaimed Mixture
With Side Returns
Retro Barn Stock - Chimney Breast
With Chimney Breast
Back Panel Chamber Set
With Back Panel
Brick & Slate Styles
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