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Fireplace Chambers & Lodges

We can supply a wide range of Fireplace Chambers and have several examples on display in our Leominster Showroom.

Offering homeowners the perfect backdrop for a wood-burning stove or fire basket, our pre-fabricated brick fireplace chamber lining panels are beautiful in appearance, quick and cost-effective to install. The simplest way to install brick slips to your Inglenook fireplace, enabling same day installation as your stove.

Panels are specifically engineered for fireplace openings and consist of real cut brick slips fixed to Class 0 fire-resistance rated backing board. Each panel is pre-pointed with a cement-based mortar ready for installation in conjunction with your wood-burning fire.

With a thickness of only 30mm-35mm, in the majority of installations where space is a valuable commodity, our panels help meet the minimum free space requirements for installation of your wood-burning stove.

Reclaimed Mixture Chamber Set and Stove

Stove Chamber Set

Brick & Slate Types

Birkdale Blend Chamber Set
Birkendale Blend

Black Mini Split Faced Slate
Black Mini Split Faced Slate

Blue Smooth
Blue Smooth

Durham Multi Red
Durham Multi Red

Furness Grey Brown


Imperial London Stock
Imperial London Stock

London Weathered Yellow

Middleton Blend

Old Coach House
Old Coach House

Old Fulford Blend Chamber Set
Old Fulford Blend

Oyster Mini Split Faced Slate Fireplace Chamber Set
Oyster Mini Split Faced Slate

Reclaimed Mixture Chamber Set
Reclaimed Mixture

Retro Barn Stock Chamber Set
Retro Barn Stock

Rustic Mini Split Faced Slate Chamber Set
Rustic Mini Split Faced Slate