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Electric Fire Stockists, Installers and Fitters

Celsi Electric Fires

Minster Stoves & Heating are suppliers and installers of a quality range of beautifully made electric fires.

We offer a complete design and installation service for electric fires and fireplace surrounds.

The Benefits of Electric Fires

Electric fires offer the same benefits as a normal fireplace with some added bonuses.

Low Maintenance

When you burn wood in a real fire, it creates ash and fumes. When the smoke, fumes, and ash travel up the chimney, they leave a residue i.e. soot.

Because of this, you will have to have your chimney swept on a regular basis so that smoke can safely travel up and out of your home.

Additionally, periodically you will need to remove the ash from the fireplace once the logs have burnt out.

Since electric fires do not burn wood, neither do they produce smoke or fumes, the maintenance requirements for an electric fire are significantly less than other types of fires.

There is no chimney to sweep, no ash to clean up and less dust inside the home. You just turn it on when you want to and turn it off when you’re finished. It’s as simple as that.

Low Cost

Unlike the installation cost of gas fires or solid fuel fires, the installation costs of electric fires are a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, you don’t have to budget for chimney sweeping or purchasing firewood, making the cost efficiency of an electric fireplace even more appealing.

Energy Efficient

When the winter months set in, energy bills usually increase if you are constantly using your home’s central heating system.

An electric fireplace is an effective way to heat up the room in which you are sitting without drastically increasing your electric bill.

This method of staying warm is called supplemental heating and is a very effective way to save money while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Easy Installation

You don’t necessarily need to worry about knocking out a wall or performing major renovations just to install your electric fireplace. In most cases, you can plug the fire in and leave it up against a wall, which means it’s also great if you live in a small home or flat. Installation really is just that simple.

The simplicity of installation mostly depends on the style of fireplace you choose, many can be left to stand on their own wherever you choose to place it. Others can be hung on a wall to save floor space. The most complicated thing to consider as far as installation is concerned is where to plug the fire in!

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