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Minster Stoves & Heating offers central heating power flushing in Leominster, Ludlow, Tenbury Wells, Hereford and the surrounding areas.

Information about Central Heating Powerflushing

Central heating power flushing is a cleansing process that aims to remove deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system. These contaminants, if left, can seriously affect the efficiency of a heating system.

Sludge filled systems can lead to cold radiators, blocked pipes, noisy boilers, failure of components like circulating pumps and valves and damage rubber seals.  The inefficiency of the system can also increase the cost to run your heating.

What is sludge?

Sludge (technically known as black oxide sludge or magnetite) is due to the natural corrosion of radiators and other heating system components. Sludge occurs in all systems but is an increasing problem in systems that are re-introducing freshwater and therefore more oxygen into the system.

Left untreated sludge can lead to an increase in your heating bills, less heat, critical components in your heating system becoming damaged and blockages.

If your central heating system suffers from any of the following, it would almost certainly benefit from central heating powerflushing:

  • The central heating system is slow to warm up
  • Some radiators are partially or completely cold
  • Radiators require frequent bleeding
  • Water in radiators is discoloured and dirty
  • Radiators have perforations and leakages
  • The boiler makes a kettle-like banging noise
  • Regular heating pump failures
  • Warm water in the header tank
Common questions answered:
What is Powerflushing?

All the rust, sludge, and debris that accumulate in your central heating system over time are cleaned out by a powerflush.

By removing dirt and blockages in the pipework, the life of your central heating system will be extended, and its efficiency in heating your home will be ensured.

Does power flushing work?

Yes, power flushing is a very effective cleaning method and removes most of the sludge out of your heating system.

Will a powerflush increase my central heating systems efficiency?

Your home will be helped to be heated more efficiently, reducing your energy costs after a powerflush.

Having your central heating water as clean as possible will always benefit you, and the extent of your benefit will depend on the amount of sludge in your heating system. If it has never been done, it is a good idea to have a powerflush, as it is also a requirement of boiler manufacturer’s guarantees.

Is it worth having a powerflush done?

Having your central heating water as clean as possible will always benefit the central heating system, and the extent of the benefit will depend on the amount of sludge present in your heating system.

If one has never had it done, it is recommended to have a powerflush, as it is also mandated by boiler manufacturer’s guarantees.

The life of your central heating pump will be increased, radiator corrosion or internal heating system corrosion will be reduced, and banging noises (kettling) can be eliminated, thereby prolonging the life of your boiler.

How long does it take to do a powerflush?

The length of time taken does vary and is mostly dependent on the amount of sludge in the system and the size of the system together with the size of the pipe work.

As a rough guide: a home with 5 radiators can be flushed in approx. 4 hours, homes with 7 radiators can be flushed in approx. 5 hours & 10 radiators can be flushed in approximately 7 hours.

How much does a powerflush cost?

For current prices for powerflushing please visit our “Price List” page.

Discounts are offered to customers who have new installations fitted by Minster Stoves & Heating. Please contact us for more information.

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